Conran International Imports Ltd.
Rathnure, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford

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Conran International Imports Ltd. is an international import and export company wholly owned and operated by the Conran Family in Rathnure, County Wexford.

Although this company was established in January 2012, the Conran family of Rathnure have been in business since 1837 evolving and adapting throughout the following decades to this day. It is now in its fifth generation and is one of the oldest family businesses in Wexford. We started life as a typical family run General Merchants, supplying vital goods and services to the local community in the 19th and 20th centuries. In the era before automated transport it was extremely important to provide the local people with a location where produce could be sold or exchanged for necessary goods and services. Conran’s shop became that hub for Rathnure.

The legacy still stands as the diversified business has adapted to the modern world and evolved to tackle the present-day challenges of rural Ireland. As the years progressed the business expanded to become a key importer and exporter with ample warehousing facilities. Key sectors include the exporting of Irish wool to China and India and importing furniture from Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Poland to name a few.

Also, the local “Conran’s Bar” , renowned for its high-quality service and pints, is still being run as a successful rural pub bursting with character.

By operating throughout a variety of sectors for many years we have built up an extensive network of unique suppliers and customers. This global network is one our most exclusive attributes and has contributed greatly in helping Conran International to exist in rural Ireland today.

We know and understand the difficulties of trading in today’s world. With our vast wealth of experience in global trade, aligned with modern communications and technology, we can ensure that our future will be maintained from our base in Rathnure and will be for many years to come.